Power to the Purple

Brand: Innocent Cost: £1 Found at: Tesco   This tastes suspiciously like a cocktail. So suspiciously, that I actually checked the label to make sure that I had not inadvertently signed myself up for a boozy lunch. But I’ve always been a lover of a mocktail: from a virgin piña colada to a Sherly Temple,... Continue Reading →

Watermelon Fruit Crisps

Brand: Nim’s Cost: £1.15 Found at: Tesco   What do you get when you take the water out of a watermelon? I’m eating it, and I still don’t know. What I do know is that this is not some sanitized version of a watermelon – the greatest hits, so to speak – this is the... Continue Reading →

Sweet Potato Crackers

Brand: Göteborgs Cost: 29.90KR Found at: Willy:s   I am totally on board with this cracker. It is a cracker that knows its job: to effectively ferry cheese into my mouth. Crackers, to my mind, are not a snack food in themselves. They’re great to munch on – and I’ve definitely been known to munch... Continue Reading →

Coconut Sugar Chocolate

Brand: Natural Lawsons Cost:  129 yen Found At: Lawsons   And as it was a Friday, and I particularly love coconut, I thought I’d treat myself to another of the fancy Natural Lawson’s chocolates that had made its way onto the shelves of my local roadside Lawsons. And I am so glad that I did.... Continue Reading →

Healthy Green Tea a

Brand: Kao Cost: 172 yen Found At: Family Mart I like my tea like I like my life partners. Strong, healthy, and containing at least 540mg of Catechin. This tea, like it’s jasmine counterpart, insists that it will increase my metabolism and decrease my body fat and, once again, I end up paying slightly more... Continue Reading →

Jasmine Tokuchya (“Special Tea”)

Brand: Suntory Cost: 183 yen Found At: Family Mart I’m not sure if this “special tea” is a new thing or if I just haven’t noticed it until now, but either way, I have suddenly started seeing this tea everywhere. A clue as to why came from my Japanese co-worker, who admitted to paying 30-50... Continue Reading →

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