Watermelon Fruit Crisps

Brand: Nim’s

Cost: £1.15

Found at: Tesco


What do you get when you take the water out of a watermelon?

I’m eating it, and I still don’t know.

What I do know is that this is not some sanitized version of a watermelon – the greatest hits, so to speak – this is the whole package: rind, seeds, and all. They have literally dehydrated every part of the watermelon, and it may sound weird, but I think it works. It took me a minute to adjust to the idea, but there’s a lot to like in these chips. They have a really nice crunch and though the rinds are not super flavorful, the dehydrated watermelon flesh has a really pleasant taste. The overall effect is that of a sweet, jolly-rancher flavored chip (but in a good way).

I would actually eat these again – and the fact that they’re healthy is an added bonus.

Turns out you can take the water out of a watermelon. Who’da thought?

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