Brand: GB Glace Cost: 8.95 KR Found At: Coop At parties and dinners, Emil frequently brings up his first visit America and particularly the incident of the ice-cream. Having been there for the incident in question and having now heard it enough times to recite it verbatim, I feel comfortable retelling it now as my... Continue Reading →

Guld (Gold) Chocolate Bar

Brand: Cloetta Cost: 8.95KR Found at: Coop   As a teacher of young children, you keep yourself sane by making little jokes that the kids won’t get. Nothing unwholesome, just little asides that will make the other teachers laugh and which the children will not register until their mid-twenties. It’s like sending a cohort of... Continue Reading →

Skotte (The Scotsman)

Brand: Marabou Cost: 8.95KR Found at: Coop   In preparation for my impending move to Scotland, I thought I’d do a little research. And before I launched into the Rick Steve’s Guide to Scotland, I decided to set the tone of the day with a candy bar named “The Scotsman.” And oh boy, if the... Continue Reading →

Kalles Kaviar

Brand: Abba Seafood Cost: 21.95KR Found at: Coop   This is a tube of refrigerated, salted cod roe that is absolutely ubiquitous in Sweden. Every grocery store will have a hanging display of a variety of tubes filled with every possible topping under the sun. There’s a tube of cheese, a tube of mayonnaise, a... Continue Reading →

Crisp! Peanut and Toffee

Brand: Marabou Cost: 8.95KR Found at: Coop   Where is the crisp? WHERE’S THE CRISP?!   I don’t mean to sound ungrateful, but I feel like I must have misunderstood the underlying message of this candy bar. I thought that by biting into a Crisp bar, that I might get - I don’t know -... Continue Reading →

Senap Sill (Mustard Herring)

Brand: Coop Cost: 27 KR Found at: Coop   Pickled herring sounds like one of those classic traditional foods that are still around only for old people and tourists. The kind of thing your friend might order for you at a restaurant just to watch you squirm. And though I love me some raw fish... Continue Reading →


Cost: 6.95KR Found at: Coop I’d heard about passionfruit before. In fact, I’d assumed that I’d eaten it before. It is the kind of thing you hear about – the kind of thing which other things are flavored as: passionfruit gum, passionfruit ice cream, 2-in-1 passionfruit hair shampoo and revitalizer. It seemed unlikely that I... Continue Reading →

Strawberry Rhubarb Carbonated Water

Brand: Pirrig Cost: 10.95KR Found at: Coop I am not someone who should be giving advice. My life is a collection of classic blunders based on fundamentally flawed logic. That being said, if forced against my better judgement to give advice, I would give the following:   Do not go running.   If you do... Continue Reading →

Peanut Butter Ginger Chews

Brand: Sina Cost: 7KR Found at: Asian Market   Everyone should keep a box of these in their car. If you’ve never had them, I recommend a trip to your nearest Asian grocery store. They are a chewy, ginger-based candy that are about an inch long and about the consistency of a caramel. They come... Continue Reading →

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