Cinnamon Bun

The only thing as Swedish as a meatball is a cinnamon bun. They are everywhere. Every coffee shop, grocery store, and gas station offer the same spiced spiral – almost identical in their look and flavor. They are generally about 3 inches in diameter, an inch or two high, and topped with large lumps of... Continue Reading →

Singoalla – raspberry and licorice

Brand: Goteborg Found at: ICA Cost: 19.95KR   While other shopping centers have a kids’ play area, the ICA down the street has a grandma station – and I love it. Even though it's a fairly small grocery store, it still puts out two big easy chairs, a coffee dispenser, and a bowl full of... Continue Reading →


Brand: Scan Found at: Coop Cost: 14.95   I do not like liver.   This is uncommon for me, because I am generally very food-positive. But liver tastes like iron, and I have no interest in a dish that makes me feel like I’ve just licked a lamp-post.   But I like liver paste.  ... Continue Reading →

Violet Tablets

Brand: Frazer Found at: Coop Cost: 15KR   The show MadMen is something of a running family joke. My grandfather was just such an adman in the 60s, and the domestic life depicted in the early seasons is something my mother loves to reference to help explain her own upbringing. There was certainly not as... Continue Reading →


Brand: Rydbergs Found at: Coop Cost: 27.50KR for 200g, 47.50 for 400g   The history of Swedish Cuisine generally follows a very simple precept. Import a new animal, vegetable, or foodstuff. Add mayonnaise to it. If it works, keep it. If it doesn’t, ditch it.   I thought Japan was mayonnaise crazy, but Sweden built... Continue Reading →

Marabou – Digestive

Brand: Marabou Found at: Coop Cost: 15KR   When I was a tween, I went with my family on a hiking trip in Sweden.   It is possibly the most privileged thing I’ve ever done, and it was marvelous. I’d always wanted to go to Europe – I’d hassled my parents for years about it... Continue Reading →


Brand: Cloetta Found at: Coop Found at: 7.5 KR   You cannot go wrong with a milk-chocolate bar filled with caramel. Unless, of course, you name it “Plopp.” But as much as this candy bar evokes like the sound that ruined the romance of a horse-drawn carriage ride, there is a reason that it’s a... Continue Reading →

Fisherman’s Friend – Raspberry

Brand: Fisherman’s Friend Found at: Coop Cost: 15KR   I have heard – or, more accurately, have been enthusiastically told - that Swedish companies are bad at deceptive marketing; that Swedish companies pride themselves on being forthright and honest with the consumer. And while I can’t say whether or not this is true, it would... Continue Reading →

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