Mini Cranberry Pistachio Biscotti

Brand: Trader Joe’s

Cost: $3.99

Found at: Trader Joe’s

I left these biscotti on the kitchen table, and this was a tactical error. I really should have known better. Leave anything out in the open at my house and it enters the public domain. So, just like my kindergarten diary in 1996, my family got into these cookies.

A fairly reliable measurement snack quality is how long it can sit on our kitchen table. The previously-rated honey mints are still there, having sat untouched for weeks. It seems that no one is desperate enough to eat them. The biscotti, however, is nowhere to be found. Within two days of setting the package down, it was as if it had never been there.

So, for this review, I’ve polled the family:

My father likes them because they are not too sweet. The main sweetness comes from the cranberries, which are one of his favorites.

My mother likes them because they make an excellent pairing with a cup of tea. They’ve got the perfect consistency for dunking without falling apart.

I like them for the crunch – and for the pistachios which are an excellent touch.

Even the dogs liked them, though I object to my mother feeding human food to the pets (but that’s an argument for a whole other blogpost).

All in all: thumbs up across the board!

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