KanPan (Can Bread)

Brand: Sanrotsu Cost: 108 yen Found at: Daiso I will not survive the apocalypse. I’m a city girl with the survival skills of an up-market Havanese dog so I am well aware that as soon as the hot water runs out, I will probably immediately fall down dead from the shock of cold water on... Continue Reading →

Deep Fried Round Rice Cracker

Brand: Amanoya Cost: 108 yen Found at: Lawson   These rice crackers are extremely dangerous for me to have around the house for a couple of reasons: They are delicious (they have a sweet-salty-savory flavor and a satisfying crunch that is impossible for me to resist. It hits all my food favorites in one go.)... Continue Reading →

Soft Chocolate Bread

Brand: 7-11 Cost: 138 yen Found at: Narita Airport 7-11 Last year, I resolved to eat healthier. In fact, I have been making this same resolution for the past several years – writing it down along with three or four other resolutions that I think about for two or three days and then lose in... Continue Reading →

Isobe Mochi

Brand: Yamandai Cost: 110 yen Found At: Yamadai I once listened to a great courses lecture on the history of food and learned significantly less than I should have. There were a lot of names and empires and discussions of roux – whatever that is. The only useful bit of information that my memory grabbed... Continue Reading →

Ninja Fuwamaru Corn Snacks

Brand: Tohato Price: 78 yen Found At: AEON   I love the campiness of these chips. The bag features the image of a woodblock-style ninja and the legend: “Floating, weightless and then suddenly vanishing into your mouth.” It’s the kind of hype that I love in a snack – go big, or go home. Despite,... Continue Reading →

Crispy Green Pea Snacks

Brand: Mini Stop Cost: 108 Found At: Mini Stop  After the Japanese Mustard Spinach Protein Cookies, I had very low expectations for the Mini Stop’s “health conscious treats” section. But I am glad that I gave the savory side of the section a try because these green pea snacks are delicious! They are crunchy, green,... Continue Reading →

Karikari Pickled Plums

Brand: Tomoguchi Cost: 100 yen Found At: Kyoto Daiso This is not food. I do not understand why this is advertised as food. Everything about these crunchy, pickled plums is wrong. Foremost is the crunch. It is not the crunch of an apple, it is not the crunch of a carrot - it is the... Continue Reading →

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