Yuzu Salt and Beef Flavored Potato Chips

Brand: Yamayoshi

Found at: Bokkusu

Yuzu (pronounced “you-zoo”) is having a little bit of a hipster moment right now and I am so excited. Yuzu is an Asian citrus fruit that looks like a knobbly clementine and tastes a little like a lemon and a little like a lime. It is used in a lot of Japanese cooking because it’s very aromatic and gives a nice tartness to savory dishes – and it is especially good when combined with spicy food. It’s also incorporated into sweet fruit teas – which are amazing when you’re sick – and, (I’ve heard) a host of Korean desserts that I am desperate to try.  

I never would have thought to put it on a potato chip, but I am so glad someone else is smarter than me. It’s such a simple premise – salt, beef, citrus, and crunch – but it works so well. These chips are dangerously snackable and are the perfect little treat on a hot summer day. Or a cold rainy day. Or really as soon as I can get the package open.

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