Scottish Raspberry Lollies

Brand: Morrison’s

Cost: £2

Found at: Morrison’s

I bought these because they were all natural but then was displeased when they were extremely pulpy.

Honestly, that’s on me. I really should have known better.

Nevertheless, it seems like these popsicles are more natural then they really need to be. As far as I can tell, the issue comes from the fact that the seeds were not removed before the blending process. Having been very vigorously pureed, you might think that the seeds would be undetectable (a visual inspection certainly gives that impression). But as the heat from your mouth begins to melt the raspberry juices, the remaining seed powder emerges to give a rough, woody texture to the popsicle: the sensation is not unlike licking a very cold and unshaven leg.

Now, I am of two minds. I realize that seeds are a natural part of the raspberry and removing them is a labor-intensive step that might double the cost of these all-natural summer treats.  On the other hand, growing up in a world of rocket-pops, otter-pops, and push-pops, I am accustomed to an artificial smoothness in all my iced desserts. I dislike this new, rustic experience because it is so unlike the popsicles I have become accustomed to. After all, my pallet was set in an age of chemically synthesized, brightly-colored popsicles that just cannot be replicated in nature – so it may be that this new natural trend has arrived too late for me. It may be that the next generation will look back fondly on the rough textures of a more natural childhood.

Or, it may be that eating these popsicles is like licking a raspberry-flavored rug. Only time will tell.

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