Coconut Chips Chocolate

Brand: Maika’i

Cost: $1.50

Found at: Foodland

I have many first-world problems in my life right now. The slow Wifi at my brother’s house in Hawaii means that my Netflix occasionally lags. A $7 poke bowl is slightly too much food for one meal, but slightly too little food for two meals. I have to do laundry every week because everything gets covered in beach sand.

Truly, I am living in Hell.

But at least one such problem has recently been answered in the form of these Chocolate Coconut Chips: the problem of chocolate in hot climates. No matter how carefully packed, chilled, or frozen, the minute chocolate makes contact with the warm, mellow atmosphere of Hawaii, it’s melted everywhere. This presents a setback when trying to fully imitate a true society Grand Dam: stretched out on the beach with my box of chocolates to hand. But these chips offer a handy solution: providing all the chocolate flavor my hear desires, with none of the chaos of a purse full of melted chocolate.

The chips are are small, thin strips of coconut that have been dried until crunchy and coated in sweetened chocolate powder. Surprisingly, they are not overly coconutty (though definitely too coconutty if you don’t like coconut). Instead, the chips have an unexpectedly rich, chocolaty flavor. If chocolate could be made into a chip, this would be it.

If you have a sweet tooth, this is definitely a snack that you could munch on all day. Especially when that day is spent stretched across a beach chair in the shade. It’s a hard-knock life…

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