Sweet Potato Crackers

Brand: Göteborgs

Cost: 29.90KR

Found at: Willy:s


I am totally on board with this cracker. It is a cracker that knows its job: to effectively ferry cheese into my mouth.

Crackers, to my mind, are not a snack food in themselves. They’re great to munch on – and I’ve definitely been known to munch on them – but they are at their best when combined with other things. The best crackers have a flavor, but not an overpowering one. They are crunchy but sturdy enough to withstand the spreading process. And if I’m really being picky, they have to look nice, so I feel less trashy about eating a block of cheese on my own.

Oh, no. I think I’m a cracker snob.

Well, snob or not, this cracker wins in every category. The flavor is excellent: very lightly salty, very lightly nutty, and very lightly sweet potato-y. The flavor is present, pleasant, and not at all overpowering. The texture is spot-on: its crunchy, a little chewy, breaks cleanly and holds together remarkably well. This cracker is not going to spill crumbs all over your couch (unless your me and eat like a feral animal). And it looks fancy to boot!

I suppose for 30KR (~$3), I should expect a better sort of cracker experience. Maybe this is the way the other half lives and I am only now stumbling across it. Still, if you have the cash to spare, you could do worse than these crackers. Even if you’re only going to use them to eat all the cheese in the apartment.

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