Power to the Purple

Brand: Innocent

Cost: £1

Found at: Tesco


This tastes suspiciously like a cocktail. So suspiciously, that I actually checked the label to make sure that I had not inadvertently signed myself up for a boozy lunch. But I’ve always been a lover of a mocktail: from a virgin piña colada to a Sherly Temple, I often prefer the options available for the designated driver over their inebriating counterparts. In that vein, I think the Coca-Cola company has missed a trick by marketing this as a health drink. Throw it in a martini glass and you’ve got a hip new mocktail to market to the Millennials killing the alcohol industry.

Moreover, for a health drink, the flavor is not unlike a blue raspberry slushie. It’s sadly not as sickly sweet or as neon blue, but it sits comfortably in the pantheon of sweet raspberry drinks (though with 85% apple juice, there is certainly a strong apple influence as well). It’s genuinely very tasty, and though I’m highly suspicious of any health claims made by the Coca Cola company, as a soft drink, I’d buy it again. And not just because purple is my favorite color.

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