Craftea Orange Tea

Brand: Minute Maid Cost: 160 yen Found At: Vending Machine   Sweet tea is my green eggs and ham. I do not like it. Which is odd, because I like sweet things and I like tea and I like to eat my sweet things with my tea. But I don't like sweet tea.  So, it... Continue Reading →

Carrot Juice

Brand: JA Furano Cost: 195 yen Found at: PIAGO La Foods This does not look like carrot juice. This looks like radioactive waste. To say that it is neon orange is an understatement. It is over-the-top orange. It’s eye-searingly orange. It's an orange reserved for reflective vests and traffic cones. It is not an orange... Continue Reading →

Hita Pear Juice

Brand: Pokka Sapporo Cost: 130 yen Found At: Vending Machine I have been ogling this juice all summer. I see it every morning as I walk to the subway station, in its little pastel-colored bottle, and I can’t help being attracted to the cute, cheerful packaging. I kept fantasizing about how refreshing it would be... Continue Reading →

Grape Juice

Brand: Kirin: Koiwai family Products Cost: 160 yen Found At: Vending Machine If the color didn’t tell get the message across, and the large cheerful illustration of grapes did not clue you in, you would still recognize the flavor instantly. This drink is full-on grape. It is maximum grape. It is grape as God and... Continue Reading →

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