Bolt from the Blue

Brand: Innocent

Cost: £1 (with £3 lunch deal)

Found at: Tesco

This is a tasty juice! Vaguely tropical, vaguely familiar and bright blue. (I’m a child of the Heinz EZ Squirt era – brightly, artificially colored food is a guaranteed way to get my money.) It’s sweet and tasty, but contrary to Innocent’s health-conscious image, I’m not convinced that this drink’s “oomph” is anything but sugar. Like most juices, the sugar content is deceptively hefty. Bolt from the Blue contains 9.4g of sugar per 100ml. Coca-cola, for comparison, contains 10.6g of sugar. Sure, fruit sugars are better for you, but you are still going to crash after an hour or so (which was definitely my experience).

If you’re looking for a tasty soft-drink, I can recommend this: I liked the taste – and it’s a great option if you’re not feeling well and need some comforting hydration with a few vitamins thrown in. But if you’re looking for a healthy alternative, water will always see you through.

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