Brand: Nestle

Cost: £0.70

Found at: Tesco


Yuck. I mean, just yuck.


It may seem like I’ve got an ax to grind with Nestle. And I do – I think they are a corporation with a long history of corporate greed and avarice that has hurt people, particularly people at risk. But that’s only one part of my beef with this company.


You’d think that, with all that bad press, this evil corporate overlord would at least have the decency to make a good product. After all, we (and I include myself in this) turn a blind eye to Apple’s indiscretions because they make a decent laptop. But every single Nestle snack that I have tried has been completely underwhelming. This Aero mint chocolate is no exception. The chocolate tastes cheap, and the artificial green filling is chalky and unpleasant. Perhaps if this was 5p, I could understand it, but this is a regularly priced chocolate! There’s no reason that it should be this underwhelming.


I may not be as activist as I should be, but I am a dyed-in-the-wool pragmatist, and as far as I can tell, there’s no practical reason to buy from Nestle. They are a corrupt corporation that makes a bad product. So, save yourself the disappointment and gain some karma points while you’re at it: buy literally any other chocolate brand.

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