Apple Kit-Kat

Brand: Nestle Cost: Travel Souvenier Found by: Coworker Liz   Chocolate is amazing. Apple is amazing. Chocolate apple is unpalatable. It is very, very rare that I do not finish something that I started eating. It’s a matter of some personal pride that I can get through anything. But half-way through this small chocolate and... Continue Reading →

Crispy Chocolate Orange

Brand: Yaokin Cost: 54 yen Found At: Daiso When I was in middle school, one of the most popular ways to pass the time was to discuss “dream guys.” Never mind that our idea of romance came from 90s rom-coms that we would later disavow - or that in a few years many of them... Continue Reading →

Bamboo Shoot Village Chocolates

Brand: Meiji Cost: 54 yen Found At: Daiso There is something about being human that compels us to seek out a clan. From the profound to the mundane, we will identify ourselves with just about anything – neighborhoods, sports teams, TV shows, toilet paper hanging techniques, dietary restrictions – if there is something that will... Continue Reading →

Maxim’s Nouvelle Gamme Chocolatier

Brand: Maxim’s Cost: 297 yen Found At: Lawsons When I was in middle school, my mother and I stumbled across the Scarlet Pimpernel TV series – an obscure period drama from the very early 2000s starring Richard Grant, Martin Shaw, and Elizabeth McGovern – and we were completely taken by it. The plot, based on... Continue Reading →

Coconut Sugar Chocolate

Brand: Natural Lawsons Cost:  129 yen Found At: Lawsons   And as it was a Friday, and I particularly love coconut, I thought I’d treat myself to another of the fancy Natural Lawson’s chocolates that had made its way onto the shelves of my local roadside Lawsons. And I am so glad that I did.... Continue Reading →

Libera – Bitter

Brand: Glico Cost: 162 yen Found At: 7-11 It is my thin privilege to state that I don’t believe in “reduced fat” candy. It’s the same reason that I don’t believe in vegetarian bacon. It’s not that these things are bad, but I don’t approve of trying to make one thing into another thing. Inevitably,... Continue Reading →

Macrobiotic Biscuit – Cacao

Brand: Morinaga Cost: 162 yen Found At: 7-11 Oh, man! These are really, really good. These are small chocolate biscuits made from almonds, cacao, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, oats, brown rice, and hazelnuts and they taste like granola cookies. Usually, I can eat one or two units of any given snack at a time before... Continue Reading →

Fran Double Chocolate

Brand: Meiji Price: 120 yen Found At: Yamadai When I was a kid, pocky was always a rare novelty treat that we could only get when we traveled up to the big city with the Asian grocery store. By the time I was in high school, we started to see them in the Safeways and... Continue Reading →

Raw Chocolate Cornet

Brand: Family Mart Price: 110 yen Found At: Family Mart What do you pair with a glass of wine, Donna Sommers cranked up to full volume, and a single day to pack up your apartment before you move out? Chocolate, of course. Every woman (and man, for that matter) needs that occasional act of reclamation... Continue Reading →

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