Dark Chocolate Chip Oat Biscuits

Brand: Nairn’s

Cost: 99p

Found at: Lidl


These are absolutely lovely! They are crunchy and grainy and hardy, but the dark chocolate makes them more like a chocolate chip cookie than multigrain crackers. I feel like the fanciest horse in the stable and I love it.


The only downside is that I recently pulled a muscle in my jaw. The doctor says it’s from stress, but it’s more likely the backlash from all the gossiping I’ve been doing over Zoom. I know it’s wrong, but with nothing else to do, my life has turned into Desperate Housewives: Lockdown. So, to preserve this rumor muscle, I was warned of crunchy foods – a fate all the more tragic as I had just discovered how much I loved these oat biscuits. But never fear – that’s what tea is for. Dunked in a mug of PG Tips, these softened crackers make the perfect accessory to nose into other people’s business. In fact, I like to think it lends a subtle air of sophistication to our arguably somewhat sleazy conversation.


In this time of crisis, it is a relief to know that I can still sip my tea without injuring my jaw.

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