Digestive Thins Dark Chocolate

Brand: McVittie’s

Cost: 99p

Found at: Lidl


There are days when I need love. There are days when I need fulfillment. And then there are days when I need to eat a box of chocolate digestives in bed. Let’s just call it “self-care” and say no more about it.


Clearly, these thin chocolate digestives are designed to be addictive: they are crunchy, they are chocolate-y, and they are thin enough that you can convince yourself that one more can’t hurt. The classic chocolate digestives are already delicious – but ever the innovator, McVittie’s has flattened the biscuit into a remarkably thin disc of crunchy, grainy goodness which they have then coated liberally in dark chocolate. If I am being honest, the biscuit is merely the vehicle to ferry chocolate into my mouth. And if I continue being honest, I am so totally ok with that.


And it’s difficult to say ‘no’ to myself at a time like this. As the world braces for an uncertain future and the pundits predict disaster, it’s hard to justify restraint. After all, what does one cookie matter in the grand scheme of things?


And that’s how you end up eating an entire box of cookies on a Tuesday night. It seems that self-care is like that, sometimes. And, if I am going to be honest yet again, I am so totally ok with that, too.

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