Crispy Chewy Shonan Gold

Brand: Shonan Toffee

Found At: Bokkusu


This candy disintegrates faster than my self-control when encountering any temptation. Sitting in its packaging, it’s quite sturdy – I’ve tried to crush it with no success. Yet as soon as you pop it in your mouth, it shatters into a fine, lemony powder. It’s how I imagine eating fiberglass would be like if it were flavored and not immediately toxic. For the most part, this candy is pretty innocuous – it’s a standard lemon candy – but I enjoy feeling like Jaws from the old James Bond movies every time I eat it. And I enjoy the surprised expression of my friends when I hand one over. In terms of the novelty factor, it’s not going to be the next pop-rocks (how can you top pop-rocks?), but it is a fun little diversion on a quarantine afternoon.

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