Throat Candy – Herb Blend

Brand: Lotte Cost: 100 yen Found at: Yamadai   At this point, I am more cold than woman. It’s been over two weeks since I high-fived my way into a seasonal cold and I’ve forgotten what it’s like to go to work without a vial of ibuprofen, a box of tissues, and a stick of... Continue Reading →

Libera – Bitter

Brand: Glico Cost: 162 yen Found At: 7-11 It is my thin privilege to state that I don’t believe in “reduced fat” candy. It’s the same reason that I don’t believe in vegetarian bacon. It’s not that these things are bad, but I don’t approve of trying to make one thing into another thing. Inevitably,... Continue Reading →

Galbo Strawberry Chocolate

Brand: Meiji Price: 100 yen Found At: Family Mart It is a generally accepted scientific fact that, once you start working with young kids, you inevitably put on weight. The extensive studies on the subject, helpfully summarized to me by my collogues, vary in their conclusions. Some find that the cause is professional, claiming that... Continue Reading →

Crunchy Sweet Potato Sticks

Brand: Morinaga Price: 100 yen Found At: Family Mart I don’t get it. I’ve tried to get it. I’ve thought about it. I’ve reasoned through it. I’ve eaten several to see if I’ve missed something. I’ve tried to approach it logically, emotionally, scientifically, but to no avail. I’m sorry to say that I just don’t... Continue Reading →

Beauty Rose Fluffy Soft Candy

Brand: Kracie Cost: 120 Found At: My Basket Grocery Store Never before have I wondered what would happen if perfume, breath mints, and skincare products were combined into a candy. But as usual, Japan has answers to the questions I never thought to explore. The packaging describes the flavor as a “fruity candy with the... Continue Reading →

Imo Kempi

Brand: Family Mart Cost: 100 yen Found At: Family Mart, Osaka Imagine you made caramel corn out of a potato – that is imo kempi. They are sticks of sweet potato, cut into the shape of french fries, that have been candied. In texture, they exist somewhere between a chip and a candy, with a... Continue Reading →

Alfort – Milk Chocolate and Vanilla

Brand: Bourbon Cost: 100 yen Found At: Lawson You cannot go wrong with Alfort. They sell a few different variations of chocolate on cookie, and all of them are amazing. After all, it’s hard to mess up a combination like that. But these ones are especially tasty, with dark chocolate cookie base and vanilla white... Continue Reading →

Young Girl Lemon Challenge

Brand: Ribon Cost: 108 yen Found at: Kyoto Daiso There are times when you expect the worst and are pleasantly surprised. There are other times when you expect the worst and you are dead on. I knew as soon as I saw the illustration of a blonde Elvis with a lemon for hair that I... Continue Reading →

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