Iron Bru Pastilles

Brand: Buchannan’s

Cost: £1.25

Found at: Tesco


Whoever said that whiskey is the national drink of Scotland has clearly never been to Scotland. Sure, I see my fair share of whiskey about, but it is nothing compared to Iron Bru. Every shop, every food truck, every pile of trash on the side of the road – no matter where you are, there is probably a neon orange Iron Bru can within your line of sight.


I’ve tried it once or twice, and as a foreigner, I don’t have the refined palate to truly appreciate it. To me, it tastes like artificial bubblegum flavor, which is fine, but not something to go wild about. But it’s clearly a soft drink that has captured the hearts of Glaswegians. So much so that, within walking distance of my house, I can get Iron Bru pulled pork, Iron Bru cocktails, and even these Iron Bru candies. Which, in fairness, are pretty good. Give me a few more months to acclimate and I’m sure I learn to love it as much as the locals, but for now, I must take my joy in the joy it gives others.


Except the guy who keeps leaving crushed cans outside my house. I take no joy in him.

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