Marzipan Chocolates

Brand: Anthon Berg

Cost: 10KR

Found at: Coop

I almost never eat marzipan chocolates except for in Sweden. There are two reasons for this. The first is that Swedes, in general, love marzipan. This country has a ton of tasty almond treats for me to indulge in while I am here. But the second reason is of a much more personal nature: it is that one particular Swede does not fit this stereotype.

You see, if I buy other Anthon Berg chocolates (like sea salt, caramel crisp, or nougat) I will soon discover that more chocolates go missing than I remember eating. Emil, who claims that he does not prefer sweets, will pretend to be as mystified as I am when I mention it. “You must have eaten them,” he will say. 

 But if I buy my favourite Anthon Berg marzipan logs, the problem magically resolves itself. None of the little pink wrappers mysteriously appear in the trash can and the lid to my chocolate jar is never left mysteriously crooked. 

If I were the suspicious type, I might point out that Emil hates marzipan. I might make some calculated deductions about where my chocolates might be going. There might be accusations levelled about household candy theft. 

Or I could just buy more marzipan, and let the problem resolve itself. Love, I am told, is all about compromise. But barring that, a little subterfuge works, too.

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