Cocoa Funwari Raw Chocolate Ganache Mochi

Brand: Tsuruya Seika

Region: Osaka

Found at: Bokkusu


Thank goodness for the lockdown so that no one has to see me eat this. I’ve never looked so much like a cave gremlin in my life – and I have done my fair share of gremlining. In my defense this is a rather messy desert: basically a half-cup of chocolate pudding wrapped in a thin layer of mochi and cocoa powder. A smarter woman would have gotten a spoon. But all the spoons are in the kitchen and by the time I realized my mistake, it was too late. Pudding and cocoa powder went everywhere as I tried to both savor the rich chocolate ganache and also stuff it in my face as fast as possible. In the end, I looked like a happy 12-month-old after her first cake smash: smiling, content, and absolutely covered in sugar. If anyone was here, I would feel guilty. After all, I am a grown woman with pudding in her hair. But thanks to social distancing, I apologize to no one. I am the happy queen of my chocolate-covered domain – or at least, the cave troll.

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