Bolt from the Blue

Brand: Innocent Cost: £1 (with £3 lunch deal) Found at: Tesco This is a tasty juice! Vaguely tropical, vaguely familiar and bright blue. (I'm a child of the Heinz EZ Squirt era - brightly, artificially colored food is a guaranteed way to get my money.) It’s sweet and tasty, but contrary to Innocent's health-conscious image,... Continue Reading →

Green Smoothie

Brand: Mini Stop Cost: 165 yen Found At: Mini Stop I have a chip on my shoulder about “green smoothies.” Health food in general, actually. It is the privilege of the happy eater – I eat with gusto and without reserve because I have no food allergies, no food revulsions, and a strong body image.... Continue Reading →

Healthy Green Tea a

Brand: Kao Cost: 172 yen Found At: Family Mart I like my tea like I like my life partners. Strong, healthy, and containing at least 540mg of Catechin. This tea, like it’s jasmine counterpart, insists that it will increase my metabolism and decrease my body fat and, once again, I end up paying slightly more... Continue Reading →

B B Sparkling

Brand: Chocola Cost: 144 yen Found at: Ministop When I first came to Japan ten years ago, there was a huge ad campaign around B.B. Sparkling in which they claimed that drinking it would make you beautiful. For several years, I was sure that this could not possibly be true and that I was misremembering... Continue Reading →

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