Kuroi Kinako-San Dango Mochi

Brand: Yamayo Seika

Found at: Bokkusu

Location: Aichi Prefecture


Eating this is like licking a molasses desert.


The mochi itself is flavored with Japanese black sugar syrup, and this gives it a pleasant, brown-sugar flavor that’s not too powerfully sweet. But for all the moderation in the mochi flavoring, the coating of kinako (toasted soybean) powder can only be described as “liberal.” From the moment I opened the packaging, it was everywhere. Kinako powder on my desk, in the carpet, on my clothes – like a glitter bomb of soybean dust.


When I had finally cleaned myself up enough to pop one in my mouth, it instantly sucked all the moisture from my body. I felt like I’d stuck my tongue in a bag of flour and had to down a handy mug of day-old tea to keep from dehydrating to death. It took several harrowing experiments to figure out the proper method to consume these. I finally landed on a technique of filling my mouth with tea before making any attempt to eat one, as I found that this effectively neutralized the powerful dryness. Once I could finally taste this dessert, it was really quite lovely. Not too sweet, pleasantly nutty, and just the right size for a little afternoon snack.


And what’s more fun than a tea snack that comes with an element of danger?

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