Lentil Chips – Sour Cream and Onion

Brand: Estrella

Cost: 35KR

Found at: ICA


Emil and I are snackers. We like to snack. But we are very different in our snack preferences. While I am a sweets girl all the way, munching on chocolates and candies all day long, Emil does not really go in for sweet food between meals. He tends to prefer salty foods, especially chips, something that I’ve never been overly interested in.


But all good relationships are built on compromise, so I eat my sweets without judgement, provided that I pass no judgement in return. We try to run a no-judgement house generally, which is a useful tenant when you are both a little odd. You never know when someone might walk into the door dressed as parakeet for reasons that are completely sensible but not immediately apparent.


But despite this relaxed attitude, it’s safe to say that we nevertheless both harbor a secret guilt at our grazing nature and are always on the lookout for something to temper our snack intake, or at least provide a healthier alternative.


Thus, the purchase of the lentil chips.


And they’re good. They are light and crunchy and taste like salt and sour cream and onion. In fact, they look like chips, taste like chips, and smell like chips. I can’t say that they are any healthier than normal chips, but they offer some variety to life and I would recommend them.


In short:

Do they solve the underlying snacking problem? – Not at all.

Are they tasty? – Absolutely.

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