Belgian Chocolate Dipped Chewy Florentines

Brand: Morrisons

Cost: £2

Found at: Morrison’s


In the flurry of holiday fervor and election drama, I decided to splash out on a holiday treat that simultaneously projects my liberal sensibilities. And what better option than a Florentine? This collection of nuts held together by caramel, and dipped in chocolate is truly a Brexiter’s nightmare. It was originally created in the French court in honor of Italian royalty and has since been dipped in Belgian chocolate and sold in an extremely British supermarket. And that does not even include the foreign origins of the various sugars and nuts that go into making it!


But of course, these are the holidays. This is the time of year when political opinions are put on hold in order to maintain some semblance of familial harmony. So, while these florentines may symbolize the value of cultural interaction, they can do one better than a mere symbol. They are delicious! Chewy and crunchy and chocolaty and sweet, they come in tiny little morsels that look elegant on a plate and are perfect for snacking on directly out of the box. After all, if you have to eat your feelings over the holidays, you might as well enjoy it.

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