Nut Butter Balls

Brand: Deliciously Ella

Cost: £1.80

Found at: Morrisons


This snack is offensive. I am offended by this snack.


It is such a flagrant waste of money. Worse still, it’s genuinely unappetizing. It’s a luxury tax on health nuts, and while I love me a tax on the wealthy, this blatant highway robbery makes even my liberal sentiments recoil. For almost £2, you get two tiny balls of date puree stuffed with almond butter. Yet in processing both of these ingredients, Deliciously Ella has somehow managed to remove both the sweetness from the dates and the richness of the almond butter. What is left is an overpriced lump of bland, sticky disappointment: combining a crime to my wallet with a crime to my palate.


So, I’ll give you my food hack: instead of wasting your money, go to the store and buy a tub of almond butter and a box of dates. Stuff the dates with the almond butter – or if you’re lazy like me, just dip the dates in the almond butter. I promise that it will be significantly cheaper and taste infinitely better than these things.

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