Sentouchi Lemon Pie

Brand: Furuta Seika Found at: Bokkusu My friend Mackenzie is a picky eater. This would usually be a problem for me. In the past, I have struggled to cultivate empathy for the food shy – my slightly Victorian upbringing has left me with the misguided impression that all of life’s problems can be solved with... Continue Reading →

Belgian Chocolate Dipped Chewy Florentines

Brand: Morrisons Cost: £2 Found at: Morrison's   In the flurry of holiday fervor and election drama, I decided to splash out on a holiday treat that simultaneously projects my liberal sensibilities. And what better option than a Florentine? This collection of nuts held together by caramel, and dipped in chocolate is truly a Brexiter’s... Continue Reading →

Singoalla – raspberry and licorice

Brand: Goteborg Found at: ICA Cost: 19.95KR   While other shopping centers have a kids’ play area, the ICA down the street has a grandma station – and I love it. Even though it's a fairly small grocery store, it still puts out two big easy chairs, a coffee dispenser, and a bowl full of... Continue Reading →

Matcha White Choco Cookie

Brand: 7-11 Cost: A Gift from Lisa Found At: 7-11   I do not buy this cookie for myself. I cannot buy this cookie for myself. If I set that precedent, then it’s all over. Healthy eating promises will be broken, budgeting will go out the window – it’s less of a slippery slope and... Continue Reading →

“Fami-Macaron” Raspberry Stick

Brand: Family Mart Cost: 120 yen Found At: Family Mart   There are a lot of things to unpack here:   First, it is remarkable how many things Family Mart will brand with the “Fami” prefix. Fami-chicken is the in-house fried chicken. Fami-shu is the family Mart cream-puff (Family mart + pate a choux). And... Continue Reading →

Coconut Blanchul

Brand: Bourbon Cost: 130 yen Found At: Mini Stop You could taste this cookie from across the room. To say it tastes like coconut is an understatement. In fact, it tastes more like a coconut than an actual coconut ever has. It’s delicious, don’t get me wrong. The little cookie sandwiches are filled with sweet... Continue Reading →

Kafferep – Biscuits with Almonds

Brand: IKEA Cost: 290 yen Found At: IKEA This cookie is like a long-term relationship. It requires work, it requires commitment, and it requires the faith to stick with it when times get rough. It is not always going to be easy with these cookies. You might have to spend a good two or three... Continue Reading →

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