Matcha White Choco Cookie

Brand: 7-11

Cost: A Gift from Lisa

Found At: 7-11


I do not buy this cookie for myself. I cannot buy this cookie for myself. If I set that precedent, then it’s all over. Healthy eating promises will be broken, budgeting will go out the window – it’s less of a slippery slope and more of a freefall.

But I never say no to a present, especially if that present is a cookie. And every now and then, it’s nice to indulge in a guilty pleasure – after all, “everything in moderation, even moderation.”

But oh man, This cookie is so good. It’s sweet and soft and just a little bit greasy (and if I am being honest with myself, it’s mostly butter). The combination of aromatic green tea and sweet, white chocolate and soft chewy cookie dough is so decadent and delicious. It’s one of those things in life that’s worth eating slowly and savoring: letting the chocolate melt in your mouth and the tea flavor rise up through your nose. It’s worth taking the time to admire it, because this cookie is a beautiful mossy green with flecks of white that look like icebergs on an algae bloom.  It is a delight for the senses and should be relished as such.

At least, that is how it should be. For my part, I just stuff it in my mouth as fast as humanly possible.


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