Sesame Barley Tea

Brand: Suntory

Cost: 140 yen

Found At: Family Mart


Do you ever innocently buy a bottle of tea only to discover that it is actually a high-blood pressure treatment? There I was, innocently reaching for a bottle of sesame tea, and now I’m improving my heart health.

As usual, it seems I have accidently stumbled into good eating habits.

Health benefits aside, this tea is extraordinarily earthy. First, it hits you with a wave of barley flavor and then turns around for a mouthful of extreme sesame flavor that refuses to abate. It’s like if beer had a hippy cousin that didn’t drink alcohol and spent a lot of time on a commune. It’s like licking a wheat field that studied abroad in Asia. It’s like if multigrain bread got mad.

And it’s actually pretty good.

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