Kafferep – Biscuits with Almonds

Brand: IKEA

Cost: 290 yen

Found At: IKEA

This cookie is like a long-term relationship. It requires work, it requires commitment, and it requires the faith to stick with it when times get rough. It is not always going to be easy with these cookies. You might have to spend a good two or three minutes chewing it, but in the end, it is worth it. It’s like IKEA compressed the flavor of Speculoos Cookie Butter into the consistency of a sailor’s biscuit, and if you put in the love to chew it, it will love you back. Beneath its tough exterior is a perfect lump of sweet, chewy, gingery, almond, cakey goodness. Have a coffee date with it. Get to know it. Savor your time with it because, in the end, we are all IKEA cookies on the inside.

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