Taiwan Sweets Flavored Chocolate – Tofu Pudding and Mango Shaved Ice

Brand: Fujiya

Cost: 115 yen

Found At: Family Mart

I always appreciate when one thing is actually two things. I am, by nature, a bit of a scavenger, preferring to try little bits off everyone’s plates than to sit and eat my own. This has never gone over well. So, even though I was not particularly interested in Taiwanese desert flavored chocolates, the fact that I was getting two flavors in one package won me over. The tofu pudding chocolate, carefully delineated in a blue wrapper, was alright. I like tofu pudding, but there its better in its original form, with a thick, sweet sauce to mix into the soft, gelatinous tofu. In chocolate form, it was not nearly as appealing. The mango shaved ice, on the other hand, was A-MA-ZING. The mango was so tart and fragrant and perfect with the rich, sweet chocolate. Before long, I had happily eaten all the yellow-wrapped mango chocolates leaving behind the tofu pudding chocolates, neglected in the box. That’s the problem with variety packs, after all – you have to take the good with the bad.

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