Country Ma’am Crunchy Chocolate

Brand: Fujiya

Cost: 115

Found At: Family Mart

My co-worker last term was obsessed with “Country Ma’am.” They are a brand of bulk cookies that are sold here, and to be fair they are really good. They are soft and sweet and most importantly, they are cheap. And like Twix, they have a variety of novelty flavors and regional flavors and seasonal flavors – all of them delicious. These chocolates similarly don’t disappoint. They taste almost exactly as if a cookie has been blended into a paste and then wrapped in chocolate. Its crunchy and cocolatey and has a wonderful aftertaste of chocolate-chip cookies. The packaging is deceiving, though. While the box may seem small, with each individual chocolate being only a few centimeters in size, there seems to be a nearly unending supply of these economically packaged sweets. And they are exceptionally easy to eat. Before long you’ve eaten the equivalent of a hefty chocolate bar and find yourself surrounded by little gold wrappers and a sense of intense sugar-rush.

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