Look Heisei Sweets

Brand: Fujiya Cost: 129 yen Found at: Ministop   It’s official! The name of the new era in Japan has been announced. As of April 30th, the Heisei Era (“peace everywhere” era)  – the 31 year-long era in which I was born – will be over and the Reiwa (“joyful harmony”) era will begin. For... Continue Reading →

Chestnut Parfait

Brand: Fujiya Cost: 115 Found At: Family Mart             The image depicted on this box is that of the mont blanc, the single worst confection for sale here in Japan. It’s a tower of mediocre, dry frosting, dispensed in long threads to create a mountain of sweet string. It is as if someone dropped a... Continue Reading →

Country Ma’am Crunchy Chocolate

Brand: Fujiya Cost: 115 Found At: Family Mart My co-worker last term was obsessed with “Country Ma’am.” They are a brand of bulk cookies that are sold here, and to be fair they are really good. They are soft and sweet and most importantly, they are cheap. And like Twix, they have a variety of... Continue Reading →

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