Shiroi Koibito

Brand: Ishiya Co., Ltd. Cost: 700 yen for 12 cookies Found at: Break Room (from Hokkaido) The problem with the jump between Japanese and English is not the grammar, not the vocabulary, not even the overflow of verb structures on either side of the divide. The issue, it seems, is that of the utter failure... Continue Reading →

Home Pie

Brand: Fujiya Cost: Free from the break room Found At: Next to the kettle You cannot find a more classic cookie than a home pie. It’s the kind of crunchy, sweet, flaky cookie that is weak enough to disintegrate into a pile of crumbs the moment it is broken, and also sturdy enough outlast the... Continue Reading →

Country Ma’am Crunchy Chocolate

Brand: Fujiya Cost: 115 Found At: Family Mart My co-worker last term was obsessed with “Country Ma’am.” They are a brand of bulk cookies that are sold here, and to be fair they are really good. They are soft and sweet and most importantly, they are cheap. And like Twix, they have a variety of... Continue Reading →

Alfort – Milk Chocolate and Vanilla

Brand: Bourbon Cost: 100 yen Found At: Lawson You cannot go wrong with Alfort. They sell a few different variations of chocolate on cookie, and all of them are amazing. After all, it’s hard to mess up a combination like that. But these ones are especially tasty, with dark chocolate cookie base and vanilla white... Continue Reading →

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