Squash Macrobiotic Cookies

Brand: Natural Lawson

Cost: 198 yen

Found at: Lawson


My first response to these cookies was a solid “no.” I had one, it was chalky, and because I am mild-to-moderately resistant to new experiences, I was not having it. I didn’t care how macrobiotic or naturally sweet it was, I didn’t care that it was made from Hokkaido squash, it was clearly some health-food nonsense and I was not having it.


However, I am woman enough to admit when my first impressions are too hasty. After given them a second chance, these little cookies have won me over. First off, they are adorable – like tiny, smooth little meringue cookies that fit into the palm of your hand. They’re a genuine delight to snack on – cute little morsels that are easily popped into your mouth while you are working on other things. And while they are certainly dry, they are no drier than a typical shortbread – and just like a shortbread, it is best to eat these cookies with a cup of tea or coffee or some other liquid to keep your mouth from drying out. Most importantly, they actually taste amazing – like a mild sugar cookie with a nice, satisfying crunch. They’re the perfect afternoon snack or hors d’oerves for a tea party or little sweet thing to munch on after dinner.


So as much as I hate to say it, this is a case where health-food nonsense is actually pretty nice.

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