Lemon Scottish Shortbread Rounds

Brand: Morrison’s

Cost: £1.60

Found at: Morrison’s


After three weeks, IKEA finally delivered my teapot. It was one of those objects that I thought I could live without but after a week I caved, realizing that I am indeed the kind of basic bitch that needed a teapot. I never have been very good at “roughing it.” Imagine making loose leaf tea in just a mug – the very idea! And, if you have a teapot, you need teacups, so I bought those, too. And if you are having tea in teacups, you might as well round out the experience with some tea cookies. And not any old tea cookies – if you’re treating yourself, you should spring for the nice ones.

And I wonder why I have no money.

But I don’t regret these cookies. They are perfectly crunchy and lemony and have remained so even after sitting on my shelf for a week as I slowly ate my way through the package. They’re a classic shortbread but not too buttery; lemony but not too lemony. They might have a certain “grandma book club” vibe, but that being said, if you are having the ladies over to christen the new teapot, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better thing to offer them. In fact, upon reflection, that is probably what I should have done: shared my newfound bounty with my newfound friends. But then again, I’d have to get dressed to do so, and in my book that also counts as “roughing it.” And that is not how I do.

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