Black Sesame Macaroon

Brand: Kashiwado

Cost: 100 yen

Found at: Yamadai


Without a doubt, I live a charmed life. You might call it privilege, and that would be fair. Or you might call it dumb luck, and that would also be fair. And while I can’t myself speak to charms and spells and divine intervention, if you want to call it that, then I suppose that’s fair too. Whatever it is, I am endlessly stunned by what a charmed life I’ve managed to live. For example: today I got to eat these cookies, and they were AMAZING.

What a wonder to me that I am alive at a time where I can get perfect, flakey, sesame flavored cookies from the store across from my house for 100 yen. It absolutely boggles the mind. A century earlier and these cookies would have been available only to the upper classes – if at all. If they did exist, they would almost certainly have been inferior in crunchiness and flakiness and sesame flavorfulness as these sweet little morsels. But here I am, 100 years of food science later, smack dab in the middle class and living like a queen – eating these bite-sized cookies that melt in your mouth with the sweet, fragrant taste of sesame seeds baked to perfection. Life is definitely good.

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