Black Sesame Macaroon

Brand: Kashiwado Cost: 100 yen Found at: Yamadai   Without a doubt, I live a charmed life. You might call it privilege, and that would be fair. Or you might call it dumb luck, and that would also be fair. And while I can’t myself speak to charms and spells and divine intervention, if you... Continue Reading →

“Fami-Macaron” Raspberry Stick

Brand: Family Mart Cost: 120 yen Found At: Family Mart   There are a lot of things to unpack here:   First, it is remarkable how many things Family Mart will brand with the “Fami” prefix. Fami-chicken is the in-house fried chicken. Fami-shu is the family Mart cream-puff (Family mart + pate a choux). And... Continue Reading →

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