Custard Cream

Brand: Yamasaki Cost: 100 yen Found At: Family Mart Sometimes, a girl needs custard in a pancake, and frankly, I don’t understand where all this judgment is coming from. There is nothing wrong with, now and then, selecting an aggressively saran-wrapped, vaguely worded, suspiciously unrefrigerated custard treat from the bottom shelf of a convenience store.... Continue Reading →


Brand: Famima Bakery Cost: 110 yen Found At: Family Mart The amount of effort required to make a melonpan is obscene. I know, I know. Here’s another West Coast liberal weighing in on a hot-button issue from a position of privilege, but I’ve watched the youtube video. I’ve seen the amount of sifting and creaming... Continue Reading →

Pumpkin Pound Cake

Brand: Family Mart Sweets Cost: 130 yen Found At: Family Mart   I do not feel comfortable attesting that there is any pumpkin in this – or that there is any pumpkin flavoring for that matter. I appreciate that the Family Mart is trying to put a festive twist on their pound cake and I’m... Continue Reading →

Collagen Bright

Brand: Esu Esu Medicine Cost: 324 yen Found At: Family Mart When Grandma sends you a birthday card with a middle-aged woman who is extremely pleased about getting carded, you know that it is time to step up your beauty routine. Clearly, I am not as young as I used to be and I need... Continue Reading →

Galbo Strawberry Chocolate

Brand: Meiji Price: 100 yen Found At: Family Mart It is a generally accepted scientific fact that, once you start working with young kids, you inevitably put on weight. The extensive studies on the subject, helpfully summarized to me by my collogues, vary in their conclusions. Some find that the cause is professional, claiming that... Continue Reading →

Crunchy Sweet Potato Sticks

Brand: Morinaga Price: 100 yen Found At: Family Mart I don’t get it. I’ve tried to get it. I’ve thought about it. I’ve reasoned through it. I’ve eaten several to see if I’ve missed something. I’ve tried to approach it logically, emotionally, scientifically, but to no avail. I’m sorry to say that I just don’t... Continue Reading →

Minced Chicken and Pork Meatloaf

Brand: Family Mart Cost: 150 yen Found At: Family Mart There is nothing like an unidentifiable loaf of animal flesh on a bed of rice and mayonnaise to bring out your inner gourmand. It’s my own fault from straying from the path of tuna mayonnaise, salmon flakes, pickled plum and all the other old standbys... Continue Reading →

Rich Tiramisu

Brand: Famima Sweets Cost: 250 yen Found At: Family Mart What a summer it has been. First, there was an earthquake in Osaka, then a heat wave, then another earthquake in Hokkaido. Not to mention that, in the midst of all this, there have been more “super typhoons” and “unstoppable typhoons” than you could shake... Continue Reading →

“Fami-Macaron” Raspberry Stick

Brand: Family Mart Cost: 120 yen Found At: Family Mart   There are a lot of things to unpack here:   First, it is remarkable how many things Family Mart will brand with the “Fami” prefix. Fami-chicken is the in-house fried chicken. Fami-shu is the family Mart cream-puff (Family mart + pate a choux). And... Continue Reading →

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