Custard Cream

Brand: Yamasaki

Cost: 100 yen

Found At: Family Mart

Sometimes, a girl needs custard in a pancake, and frankly, I don’t understand where all this judgment is coming from. There is nothing wrong with, now and then, selecting an aggressively saran-wrapped, vaguely worded, suspiciously unrefrigerated custard treat from the bottom shelf of a convenience store. This is Japan, after all, and the likelihood of being massively food-poisoned by convenience store food is very low.

Emil managed it, but he is, after all, a man.

If I do die, however, it will not have been worth it. It was a good custard pancake, that’s for sure – I’m just not completely sure that custard pancakes are the taste sensation that we’ve been waiting for. It was an entirely uninteresting and uninspiring snack. Better to spend your money on more interesting, more refrigerated food.

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