Black Sesame Marshmallow

Brand: Eiwa

Cost: 108 yen

Found At: Daiso

I would not say that I am particularly connected to the marshmallow. I can definitely go for one now and then, especially when other snacks are thin on the ground, but I have not bonded to them in the way that I have with chocolate, cake, and cookies. If I’m trying to get a sugar fix, then a marshmallow is the most efficient thing for the job. But if I’m trying to savor a sweet experience with some complex flavors, then the marshmallow just does not measure up. It’s the same difference you might find between vodka and wine. You don’t savor a glass of vodka and you don’t chug a bottle of wine – at least, you shouldn’t.

A roasted marshmallow, of course, is the exception.

But even with my luke-warm feelings towards the marshmallow, I have to admit that these are pretty tasty. They consist of little grey marshmallows filled with sesame syrup, packaged with a number of colorful slogans like “family togetherness” and “let’s go Japan.” The packaging also makes some claims about “far-infrared roasting,” and while I cannot speak to the science, some internet research has taught me that this is a buzzword in coffee roasting circles. In this instance, the overall effect is to make the sesame seed syrup taste like a nuttier version of jiffy peanut butter. (Which is great, because I love Jiffy peanut butter.) The sesame flavor is a nice foil to the overwhelming sweetness of the marshmallow, and when paired with a strong, bitter cup of tea, these marshmallow sweets are actually quite a treat.

I can almost feel the family togetherness.

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