Dry Konbu Seaweed (Kii Provence Plum Flavor)

Brand: Family Mart

Cost: Gift

Found at: Family Mart


Oh no. It’s awful. Like, truly genuinely awful. I don’t know whose idea it was to put ume plum flavor on dried seaweed and market it as a fun snack to suck on but that person was wrong. These are not two flavors that belong together. These are not two flavors that belong in the same room. The plum flavor is not too bad, a little sweet with the tartness that ume plums are famous for, but as soon as the Konbu seaweed flavor kicks in, the party is over. This is not a fun surf-and-turf fusion of marine and land flavors – it is like eating an unripe plum in a very ripe fish market. The only saving grace of these snacks is that I did not waste money on them – they were given to me by a friend who claimed that it was a diet food, and I believe her. After sucking on one of these, food loses its appeal. But if this is what skinny tastes like, it’s not worth it.

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