Brand: Otsuka Cost: 113 yen Found at: Family Mart   I have never been as conscientious about the things that I put in my body as other people have told me that I should be. In fact, I have this bad habit of “shooting first” in my interactions with food: reading the nutritional label only... Continue Reading →

Belly Support – Swelling Plus

Brand: Taisho Medicine Cost: 200 yen Found at: 7-11 I’m sick again, which means that I have, once again, ventured into the liquid vitamin cabinet, searching for enough vitamin C to provide me with a comfortable placebo effect. And, because I do not learn, I chose based on the picture on the label and did... Continue Reading →

Supplement Green Tea with Matcha

Brand: Natural Lawson Cost: 145 yen Found at: Lawson   A meal’s worth of dietary fiber.   WHY DOES THIS TEA HAVE A MEAL’S WORTH OF DIETARY FIBER??   I mean, I’m all for getting more fiber in my diet – bowel health is important, after all - but when you’re teaching in an elementary... Continue Reading →

Collagen Bright

Brand: Esu Esu Medicine Cost: 324 yen Found At: Family Mart When Grandma sends you a birthday card with a middle-aged woman who is extremely pleased about getting carded, you know that it is time to step up your beauty routine. Clearly, I am not as young as I used to be and I need... Continue Reading →

Sesame Barley Tea

Brand: Suntory Cost: 140 yen Found At: Family Mart   Do you ever innocently buy a bottle of tea only to discover that it is actually a high-blood pressure treatment? There I was, innocently reaching for a bottle of sesame tea, and now I’m improving my heart health. As usual, it seems I have accidently... Continue Reading →

Carrot Juice

Brand: JA Furano Cost: 195 yen Found at: PIAGO La Foods This does not look like carrot juice. This looks like radioactive waste. To say that it is neon orange is an understatement. It is over-the-top orange. It’s eye-searingly orange. It's an orange reserved for reflective vests and traffic cones. It is not an orange... Continue Reading →

Green Smoothie

Brand: Mini Stop Cost: 165 yen Found At: Mini Stop I have a chip on my shoulder about “green smoothies.” Health food in general, actually. It is the privilege of the happy eater – I eat with gusto and without reserve because I have no food allergies, no food revulsions, and a strong body image.... Continue Reading →

Goma Au Lait (Sesame Late)

Brand: Mini Stop Cost: 198 yen Found At: Mini Stop I will jump at any excuse to do one of two things: eat sesame-flavored snacks and drink whole cream. Neither of these things is particularly good for me – so what I need is an excuse. I thought I had found one, with the Mini... Continue Reading →

Black Bean Tea

Brand: Italian Wisteria Garden Cost: 130 yen Found At: Acrue Vending Machine – Kamakura I like that Japan has a myriad of options for non-sweet beverages. There are teas and sparkling waters and barley drinks galore available wherever you can get sodas and flavored waters. I’ve heard this cited as a reason why the obesity... Continue Reading →

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