Belly Support – Swelling Plus

Brand: Taisho Medicine

Cost: 200 yen

Found at: 7-11

I’m sick again, which means that I have, once again, ventured into the liquid vitamin cabinet, searching for enough vitamin C to provide me with a comfortable placebo effect. And, because I do not learn, I chose based on the picture on the label and did not take the time to translate the label itself. So now I am laid up in bed with a small bottle of liquid diet pills that smells like cardboard and taste like aspartame. But, in my frail state, I am not about to attempt another journey to the convenience store, so I decided to give this diet drink a try.

Unfortunately, it seems that diet supplements make poor cold remedies. If anything, drinking this has made me even more nauseous than I was before. There’s something about bubbling, peach-and-paper flavored liquid that does not make me feel soothed or satiated – if anything, it’s usefulness as a dietary aid must come from the way it can curtail the desire to eat anything. I can attest that, after drinking this, I am completely disinterested in eating or drinking for some time to come – and eating or drinking anything peach flavored, forever.

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