Supplement Green Tea with Matcha

Brand: Natural Lawson

Cost: 145 yen

Found at: Lawson


A meal’s worth of dietary fiber.




I mean, I’m all for getting more fiber in my diet – bowel health is important, after all – but when you’re teaching in an elementary school, the last thing you need is some surprise regularity. But I suppose that’s what I get for not studying Japanese more diligently and not reading the labels of the things I buy in a hurry. Not everything is what it appears to be at the convenience store– especially if it has a “Natural Lawson” label.


And that’s the story of how I accidentally supplemented myself with a drink designed as a vegetable replacement. (Which, in hindsight, explains the salad on the label.) But as it is pretty decent tea at a pretty reasonable price (not to mention the additional 100mg of added vitamin C), I’ll probably keep buying it. I’ll just be more careful about when I chose to drink it – regularity being what it is.

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