Okudaisen Blueberry Yogurina Water

Brand: Suntory

Cost: 124 yen

Found at: Lawson


Oh, Suntory – what will you think of next?


I’ve talked on this blog before about how much I dislike the chemically flavored Suntory waters that contain no fruit juice and always give me a bit of a headache. But if there is one thing that Suntory does really well – and which gets me every time – is marketing. Just about every month there seems to be a new, enticing water flavor in vending machines to tempt me on my way to work. This fall, for example, I saw a lot of Asian pear flavored water, which I dutifully resisted. But it’s winter and I’m cold and my self-control is low, so I caved and bought the latest flavor: blueberry yogurt.


And, as usual, it was sweet and artificial and after finishing it I needed to lie down. It’s certainly better than the banana flavor, but I can’t say I recommend it. It tastes like artificial blueberry yogurt or blueberry gum – and it smells like 90s lip gloss. If that’s your thing, more power to ya. I’m just not sure that Suntory flavored water is for me.

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