Giant Caplico – Strawberry

Brand: Glico

Found at: Bokkusu


I don’t pretend to understand this giant, unmeltable ice-cream cone.

It’s one of those things that asks more questions than it answers. Who at Glico was eating an ice cream cone and thought to themselves: “If only it were room temperature.”? What CEO or mid-level manager greenlit the idea as the next big thing in candy? What research department spent several months designing an ice-cream that was neither soft nor cold? And to what end?

If I think too hard, I inevitably find myself contemplating the doomsday prepper, happily eating this hard, warm ice cream cone in its jolly pink wrapper. While the rest of us perish at the hands of aliens, zombies, plagues, natural disasters, nuclear war, and global warming, Glico Calpico will remain unaltered in its robust plastic wrapping until such time as future archaeologists uncover the rich cultural strata of Vending Age. Maybe they will be able to make better sense of it than me.

That’s not to say that I did not eat it. Any chance to eat strawberry-flavored desert is not one that I will pass up. And sure, it was delicious. It’s a log of chocolate, after all. I will even go so far as to say I liked it.

I just cannot pretend to understand it.

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