Lemon & Juniper Gin Flavour Dark Chocolate

Brand: Morrisons

Cost: £1.15

Found at: Morrisons


In my head, this chocolate bar was supposed to taste like munching on a box of chocolates while sipping on a Gin and Tonic. In the cold, damp Scottish winter, this chocolate bar promised to transport me to the Cairo of Death on The Nile – all pith helmets, linen dresses, and shockingly colonialist overtones. Instead, the experience I got was not dissimilar to putting a chocolate bar in a blender with a gin and tonic. The flavor of the juniper and lemon was overpowering and unwelcome against the rich and bitter chocolate flavor.  Much like colonialism itself, this experiment was unnecessary, unsuccessful, unforgivable, and will leave repercussions on my palate for centuries to come.

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