Ginger and Yuzu Herbal Tea

Brand: Nitton-Tea Found at: Bokkusu Ellen has come down with a fever. We’re not as worried as we might be - her symptoms are more consistent with tonsillitis than Coronavirus - but in the interest of public safety, the rest of the ladies have self-isolated until her antibiotics start working. The last thing any of... Continue Reading →

Sentouchi Lemon Pie

Brand: Furuta Seika Found at: Bokkusu My friend Mackenzie is a picky eater. This would usually be a problem for me. In the past, I have struggled to cultivate empathy for the food shy – my slightly Victorian upbringing has left me with the misguided impression that all of life’s problems can be solved with... Continue Reading →

Lemon Mints

Brand: Peppersmith Cost: £1 Found at: Sainsbury’s   In this time of pandemic, there’s a lot of conflicting advice about how to keep yourself safe. Should I buy a mask? Should I make hand sanitizer out of Tito’s vodka? Should I replace handshakes with the trendier and more sanitary fist bumps? There’s so much information... Continue Reading →

Coca-Cola Lemon and Vitamin

Brand: Coca-Cola Cost: 129 yen Found at: 7-11   Putting vitamins in coke-a-cola is like putting protein in a potato chip. It’s a nice idea, certainly, but I did not buy this soda for my health. I bought this soda because I had a long day and I needed to mainline some sugar and caffeine.... Continue Reading →

Lemon Marble Chocolate

Brand: Meiji Cost: 100 yen Found At: Family Mart, Osaka The Meiji chocolate headquarters in the Tokyo area has the best building design I have ever seen. Move over Kanazawa art museum, there’s a new architectural innovator in town. The wall facing the Shinkansen is designed to look exactly like a giant Meiji chocolate bar.... Continue Reading →

Young Girl Lemon Challenge

Brand: Ribon Cost: 108 yen Found at: Kyoto Daiso There are times when you expect the worst and are pleasantly surprised. There are other times when you expect the worst and you are dead on. I knew as soon as I saw the illustration of a blonde Elvis with a lemon for hair that I... Continue Reading →

Kirin Lemon

Brand: Kirin Cost: 150 yen Found At: Vending Machine This fizzy drink spared no time in bubbling over. As sparkling water splashed everywhere, I was gripped by the urge to yell “Champagne for everyone!” at the group of schoolchildren walking by. Like most carbonated beverages in Japan, this one does not skimp on the bubbles.... Continue Reading →

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