Kirin Lemon

Brand: Kirin

Cost: 150 yen

Found At: Vending Machine

This fizzy drink spared no time in bubbling over. As sparkling water splashed everywhere, I was gripped by the urge to yell “Champagne for everyone!” at the group of schoolchildren walking by. Like most carbonated beverages in Japan, this one does not skimp on the bubbles. Kirin especially will carbonate their drinks to the absolute maximum, to the point where you can hear the bubbles through your eyes.

Once I actually got around to drinking this, it tasted like a less-sweet version of Sprite with a little kick of lemon at the end. If you mixed sprite with lemon La Croix, then it would probably taste like this. Refreshing when cold and bubbly, but I would not recommend drinking it warm and flat. That is a mistake I do not plan to repeat.

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